About Us

We’re thrilled you’ve taken a moment to explore Tai Ping. Let us take you on a brief journey through our story, services, and the unique offerings that make us stand out.

An Invitation to Experience Our Commitment

We warmly invite you to any of our 10 locations to experience firsthand the trust and value we cultivate at Tai Ping. Our stores are more than just places to shop; they are hubs of cultural exchange and culinary discovery, where the values of quality, authenticity, and customer care are paramount.

Retail: Discovering Value in Every Aisle

At Tai Ping, we're more than just a supermarket; we're your gateway to the rich flavors of Asia, with over 3,000 carefully selected products from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and beyond. Our extensive range includes everything from essential spices and fresh produce to authentic sauces and meats, all curated for their quality and authenticity. Every visit offers a chance to uncover the traditions and excellence behind each item, ensuring you find true value in every aisle.

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Wholesale: A Promise of Quality and Efficiency

Our wholesale division is the heartbeat of Tai Ping, ensuring that businesses across New Zealand have access to the finest Asian ingredients directly sourced from countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This is where our promise of quality meets our drive for efficiency, delivering not just food, but an experience of trust and reliability. Our fleet of trucks symbolizes our dedication to timely service, bringing the vibrant flavors of Asia right to your doorstep, nationwide.

Our Origin Story

In the 1980’s, Peter and Lois Chan could see the potential growth of the Asian Auckland Community, from there Tai Ping Trading Co. Ltd was formed to service the community with Asian groceries.

With the deregulation of importation licenses and a new wave of immigration, in 1989 renewed opportunity appeared.

When the business grew, the shop and company office was relocated to 117 Beach Road, subsequently to 105 Beach Road.

This was Tai Ping’s first fully fledged Asian supermarket and remains there til this day.

In the 1990’s Peter Chan was join by his two sons, Wayne and Michael. Together they grew Tai Ping Trading to include successful wholesale and importation company of a diverse range of Asian food and grocery products along with the establishment of several more Tai Ping retail supermarkets.

Today, with the same family ethics and further including the next generation of the Chan clan the Tai Ping business continues to grow with its strong import network and chain of retail supermarkets located throughout Auckland.